6th International Indonesia Forum, August 19-20

6th International Indonesia Forum Conference

Transformation towards the Future: Continuity versus Change in Indonesia

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Change is a normal course of events. Indonesia experiences rapid changes as it increasingly experiences economic growth and asserts its position in the world. Changes also often occur inside of Indonesia and take a multitude of shapes touching upon all aspects of life and society.

Within this process of change there are aspects of society which are successfully accommodated in, and persist through the changes taking place, albeit in a different form.  These elements, processes and relations in Indonesia that are so valuable and resilient that they can adapt and survive the tides of change are the theme of the 6th International Indonesia Forum to be held in Sunan Kalijaga University, Yogyakarta. We specifically ask all participating scholars to focus in their proposals on elements of continuity taking place in Indonesia. Transformation and change take place everywhere in Indonesian society. We again welcome contributions from researchers in various fields and working on a wide range of themes touching upon Indonesian society, culture, law, environment, politics, economics and religion and otherwise considered relevant to the theme.

True to its concept of interdisciplinary cooperation of Indonesian and non-Indonesian scholars working in their own fields of Indonesia; the International Indonesia Forum would again like to invite scholars working on specific research issues relevant to the theme of the sixth International Indonesia Forum Conference. We welcome scholars working on Indonesia to once again pool their expertise addressing the theme of transformation towards the future: continuity versus change in Indonesia.

International Conference UIN Jogja 2013

The conference was held in Sunan Kalijaga University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on August 21-22, 2013.

The International Indonesia Forum recognizes the support by the President of Sunan Kalijaga University, Prof. Dr. Musa Asy’arie and the Head of the Postgraduate Studies Program, Prof. Dr. Khoiruddin Nasution, and their cooperation to host the 6th International Indonesia Forum.