16th International Indonesia Forum Conference

The Power of Words:

Communication and Message in Indonesia

Communication and the messages it conveys are important in every culture. At the same time, particularly Indonesian settings and concepts such as social cohesion, silaturahmi (social greetings), and wisdom born from deliberations offer a distinctly Indonesian accent in culture and society. The power of words, messages, and meanings can be harnessed and wielded in various ways. From the more mundane use of communication for leisure, business, and art to the serious and sacral messages in education, philosophy, law, politics, and religions, all contain a central core message that is spread and conveyed through communication in various Indonesian contexts and situations. The Power of Words: Communication and Message in Indonesia is thus the topic of the 16th International Indonesia Forum.

The theme includes topics that run the gamut from oral tradition (budaya lisan), Islamic da’wah, political communication, advertising, social media, pedagogy, written publications, through stand-up comedy. In all of these, the message and communication are central. Therefore the 16th International Indonesia Forum invites scholars from throughout the scientific community to present their research emphasizing communication and the messages it conveys in their various disciplines and fields, as related to various issues and diverse social contexts in Indonesia and Indonesian culture, to highlight the power of words in Indonesian culture and society.

The 16th International Indonesia Forum conference will be held on 11-12 July 2023, at the Faculty of Communication and Da’wah, State Islamic University (UIN) Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. Persons wishing to present papers at the conference are invited to submit a short CV and one-page abstract in electronic form (PDF or Microsoft Word) to Dr. Frank Dhont at frank.dhont@iif.or.id and secretariat@iif.or.id, respectively, by 30 March 2023. All abstracts must be in English, and papers will likewise be presented in English. For practical information on the conference and Pekanbaru, see this document.

Dr. Frank Dhont
International Indonesia Forum

Dr. Imron Rosidi
State Islamic University (UIN) Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau