2013 IIF Working Paper Series

The 2013 International Indonesia Forum’s Working Paper Series consists of papers presented at the 6th IIF Conference at the Sunan Kali Jaga Islamic State University. Working papers are accessible online by clicking on the title of the paper in questions.

  1. Volume 1: “Models of Cross-sector Partnerships in Corporate Social Responsibility for Implementing Poverty Reduction Initiatives in Indonesia“. Ashari Cahyo Edi.
  2. Volume 2: “Local Wisdom And Technological Progress: Efforts Towards Disaster Risk Reduction In Indonesias“. Silverio R. L. Aji Sampurno.
  3. Volume 3: “Successfully Coping with Change without Losing Roots: Suprapto Suryodarmo and Joged Amerta Movement“. Lise Lavelle.